With the record company not believing it was single material, the third single from the band's third album would need a remix from Nile Rodgers before...View Details

A huge global hit from Sweden and one of the 1990s' most memorable tunes. But it would never have happened, had a tape not got stuck on a car... Hear ...View Details

Starting out as a riff in a punk track and many recordings later (and at least three releases) it's become one of the most recognisable songs of the 8...View Details

Their highest-selling UK single and their only US number one, some may consider this to be a tacky wedding song, but for other's it's a deeply moving ...View Details

Intended to be recorded in Jamaica and instead tracked in a chateau north of Paris, this song has to rate as one of Elton's finest from an incredibly ...View Details

Hear, not only the story behind the biggest-selling single of 1981, but also the original recordings by Gloria Jones in 1964 and again with Marc Bolan...View Details

The making of one of the best pop songs - EVER! Along with details of the writers, including veteran pop poet Cathy Dennis, this episode includes tons...View Details

This evergreen dance floor filler is now over 30 years old but its basis is a track dating from the mid 1960s. Hear how a a Manhattan clothes designer...View Details

The lead single from PSB's second album, Actually, was the boy's second no. 1 single: beginning their Imperial Phase, but it had originally been writt...View Details

The lead single from Dua's all-conquering Future Nostalgia, 'Don't Start Now' was written after a night our in a dive bar in Wymonig. It went on to be...View Details

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